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Golden West Sound Design (GWSD) provides and installs professional audio, video, and lighting systems for a wide variety of environments and spaces.

For over 20 years, we’ve provided cost-effective audiovisual solutions and acoustical treatments to communities throughout Manitoba.

Golden West Sound Design delivers value-driven audio and visual engineering through multimedia equipment purchases, installation services, and training. But it’s not only about the product – it’s about the process.

We walk alongside each client, analyzing every project – big or small – from beginning to completion. GWSD builds lasting working relationships with each of our clients, collaborating and consulting to create immersive experiences that matter.

At Golden West Sound Design we service and support:


Why visual & sound design matters.

Why do people gather? What are they hoping to get out of the experience? Whether it’s a soccer game, public lecture, concert, or worship service, the answer is always the same. We gather with others to hear and see the same message, at the same time – to participate in a shared experience. But this can only happen when the sound and visuals are clear. If the visuals are fuzzy and the sound reverberant, a participant may wonder, “Why am I even here?”

For each individual in the audience to truly connect to the overall experience, they must first encounter sound and visuals that are delivered with depth and clarity. This is the inherent value that Golden West Sound Design brings to each and every project.

How can Golden West Sound Design help with my project?

Audio Systems

Acoustical Treatments

Acoustics matter. We consider how sound will change if someone’s sitting in an absorbent chair, versus if no one’s sitting in that chair. We’ll test reverb time, and if there’s slapback, install acoustic panels to break down reverb time so the sound doesn’t slap back. This will ensure all audio will be clear and easy to understand.


To get the best use out of your equipment, you need to know how to use it. That’s why we offer training on all equipment we sell and set up for our clients.

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